Monday, January 24, 2011

angel & star of the week.

the tittle is actually a song tittle by teen top. i fell in love with this after supa luv.
the song, u have to hear from their cd; transform.
please support them by buying their songs! <3 that's how they make money, yknow.
u don't want them to go poor n bcome slaves to their company bcoz of financial probs, do u? i don't!
but, please buy and don't free download.
website: TeenTop
check the flickr too for their cute pics.

well, i just wanna say that i'm gonna change how this blog looks... i think.
added a new section n stuff.
i wanna CREATE MY OWN headers, borders, backgrounds... bla bla.
please FOLLOW me after i'm finish! thank you.

i wanna put a section called 'star of the week'. should i?
put up a lil description of the star / idol / celeb and stuff, so, ppl can get to know a star better.
n so ppl won't gt bored being in this blog.
i think.
nah! it's just so i will have to open my blog every week.
it's so i won't bcome lazy to update my blog.


I just fnish change how this blog looks.
it's good but not da bomb, i guess. i like my old one tho.
i just want the follow button to appear.. but i'll edit better next time!! :)
till i found one.

please check out the star of the week column.
i'll update it every monday. please, check it every week four ur fave star info.
requests? hmmm.
post it on my formspring k. if there is any..
ps; i'm putting it in no particular order.

(no tittle intended)

currently, life sucks. [that i even bothered to write everything in 'good' english]
but i'm still living this life, so, i guess it will be un-suck, right?
is this only for a moment or i have to fake my way through it?
is the time moving fast? or has it gone slower?
i seriously don't know how to deal this but i have to care even if i don't want to.
maybe, because.. it's my life? hmmm.

what should i do now?
my busy-ness ended last week and i'm stuck with nothing to distract me.

people always say to be patient and just wait. it will come when you least expect it.
i've been waiting long and less expect anything.
i guess i do still have a little more patient left to wait.
should i wish more? pray more?
if i can overcome from breaking down before, i still can now. maybe?
'It' has lost most of its magic that i've been holding on to but i hope it can come back :)
even if i hope 'it' would not end, 'it' always did because that's the nature of 'it'.
it; can i be in one? will i be in one?

well, not everything that we hope for will come but it always come, anyway, just in a different way.
there's a saying; focus on what you have than what you don't have.
but what if the thing that i don't have is the one that i want to have and the one i have, i willing to throw it away, just to have the thing that i don't have?

when / where / how will i grasp the future? what will it looked like?

am i depressing?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i'm back after living in game world.

well, as the tittle said, i've been absent from my own blog, for like... 2-3 weeks? or less?
i did... something & busy for a 'mo.
but hello blog! miss me?? hhe.
(it's hard using a macbook w/o a mouse)
btw, i am fine thnk you. 
i'll be making a twitter soon. please accept me in th world of twittersphere!
twit twit.

well, one of th thng tht i've done from my absent is playing the nintendo ds! hhe.
[huh, yea, what was the '!' for?]

so far, japan never failed to impress me. <3
[excpt th k-pop controversies] 

one of the best game i playd, is this <- [look]
if you realize th tittle, well, yea, it's kinda a dating simulation game.
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st Love Plus.

but if you see closely at th tittle, well this game is famous bcoz of a japanese man. [below n below, thers a vid]
well, it's kinda an old news but tht's how i know this game.
bsides, for girls, it's good n worth a try game.. unless you'r gay. n it's nt th kind wher ther's only one end n you'r done.
th objective; do good in ur high school [study, friends, love, shop, clubs, etc], n see how's your ending is while try unlock diff intrctions, pics bla bla.

[i am not bcoming a pervert otaku!! i'll marry a real dude someday!
a hot handsome charming shining kind genius good-humored hot-bod calm tall nice-voice lovable cute n other thng tht mkes a dude a dude n romantic enough to fall in love with dude!! n he has to love me more too. n not any1 tht can copy ALL snsd's dance moves. lol random]

above, is th first part. somewhat, like a season one anime.
this is the 2nd one. [if u see an arrow, follow it's direction to look] -->
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side; 2nd Season
thers a third one bt it pass till i found th translations since my japanese is limited. [sobs]

so far, i'm 'winning' [got good endings] yay me! *0*v

n i wish thy mde an anime abt ths.

remember, i said abt t japanese dude tht mde this gme famous?

screen name: Sal9000
married to: Nene Anegasaki

well, 'she' is in th gme calld LovePlus.
[loveplus r for guys]
congrats(?).. to thm bt wht hppen to thm, idk.

[in th fture, tht we alwys see in movies, ppl n rbot cn lived tgthr. if thn human dcided to mrry a robot, he's th first one(?)]


hey, i playd othr gmes too.
hve u tried exit, 999:9; nine hours, nine doors, nine person n maple story? ^^
sadly, my ps3 is dusting..

i gt nothng.
hey, if i wrote too much, what am i going to write on the nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post
n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post n th nxt post... you gt th idea.

till next time. i want a domo plushie!
n monster beats by dr dre solo hd headphone!!
[n if you dunno th headphne, it was as seen wearing by;
wonder girls
big bang / gd&top (own custom design) & in gd's heartbreaker
justin bieber (he designed one)
gwen stefani
lady gaga
beast - dujun's neck on beautiful
kim hyun joong - airport.. going.. sumwher
se7en - in better together
shinee - minho's neck in 100 points out of 100
2ne1 - in fire
mblaq - lee joon broke mir's / seungho at radio show / thunder in thailand
& others
if u didn't notice em, you might as well be blind bcoz i'm wndring hw r u capable of reading this too]

official website - Beats by Dr Dre

i'll try not to be mls, my dear iqin! ^^,
n pls tlk mor on th phone, shra~ )' . '(

Thursday, January 6, 2011

yo. [keep your head down]

it's a long time since i've blogged.
hello bloggy.
okay weird.
first n foremost, happy new year [cue people screaming, balloons, laser, confettis, fireworks n stuff.. (yeahoooo!!)]
yeay! wee! yay..

n happy schooling!(hha! in ur face!)

so, kinda alot happen since i last blog.
i spent the new year at the grand millenium hotel, up on th 18th floor (the hotel is 19th floor)
i took alot of pics but it'll be upload later.
the fireworks were amazing (duh!) n alot of balloons were released(?). spongebob's flying..huh.
bt th bad news is our hotel is next to pavilion, in front of fahrenheit, bt i cn't go shopping bcoz of my condition.
i hope for a speedy recovery!! :)

n since thn i've been spending the way(?).
idk y ppl said it's bttr to go to school thn styg at home doing nthg.
i like it home. no, i'm not gnna spend my whole entire life stuck at home or whtever.
it's jst ppl dunno wht to do at home.

jst ystrday, i went to gt my retainer.
goodbye braces!! hhe.
nway, thers alot of news regrding brces as a trend. [evn th media]
ppl who thnks braces r a trend, to me, r whackos. n it's soooooooo last season fr me nway.
brces r hosp stuff. only SICK [bad teeth] ppl go to hosp.
yes, i hve bad teeth n i went to gt brces.
so, ppl with good teeth, brces r not a trend. it's painful too n sum ppl wore it till 3yrs.
3yrs of nerdish.not cool.
my advice; jst go to a cosmetic dentist if u rlly tht dsperte.
it does cost alil more bt it's fast. rther thn u hve to suffer gttg excessive saliva.

n my cat killed two birds..not with a stone! jst the mrning too.
poor birds. i tried to save thm bt it was already too late.
the funeral is ths evening. wanna come? hhe.
n ths raining / spring season, mde a leak in my bedroom ceiling.
n evry night i woke up in cold. 
i like th cold actlly. it's always hot here. yay~
n i've been addicted to dongwoon & doojoon (b2st)'s song; when the door closes in ths calm season.

lastly, please enjoy ths 'too hot to handle' mv for tvxq's why (keep your head down). it's already stuck in my head.
singer; yunho (u-know) & changmin (max)

youtube; sment
i missed tvxq as five.
bt ths does nt mean tht it'll nt gnna be as good! like all of their song, i could nt help bt fall in love. :)
evn perez hilton blog it ; !
okay till next time!

to amirah; good luck on your interview!! XD