Monday, January 24, 2011

angel & star of the week.

the tittle is actually a song tittle by teen top. i fell in love with this after supa luv.
the song, u have to hear from their cd; transform.
please support them by buying their songs! <3 that's how they make money, yknow.
u don't want them to go poor n bcome slaves to their company bcoz of financial probs, do u? i don't!
but, please buy and don't free download.
website: TeenTop
check the flickr too for their cute pics.

well, i just wanna say that i'm gonna change how this blog looks... i think.
added a new section n stuff.
i wanna CREATE MY OWN headers, borders, backgrounds... bla bla.
please FOLLOW me after i'm finish! thank you.

i wanna put a section called 'star of the week'. should i?
put up a lil description of the star / idol / celeb and stuff, so, ppl can get to know a star better.
n so ppl won't gt bored being in this blog.
i think.
nah! it's just so i will have to open my blog every week.
it's so i won't bcome lazy to update my blog.


I just fnish change how this blog looks.
it's good but not da bomb, i guess. i like my old one tho.
i just want the follow button to appear.. but i'll edit better next time!! :)
till i found one.

please check out the star of the week column.
i'll update it every monday. please, check it every week four ur fave star info.
requests? hmmm.
post it on my formspring k. if there is any..
ps; i'm putting it in no particular order.