Monday, January 24, 2011

(no tittle intended)

currently, life sucks. [that i even bothered to write everything in 'good' english]
but i'm still living this life, so, i guess it will be un-suck, right?
is this only for a moment or i have to fake my way through it?
is the time moving fast? or has it gone slower?
i seriously don't know how to deal this but i have to care even if i don't want to.
maybe, because.. it's my life? hmmm.

what should i do now?
my busy-ness ended last week and i'm stuck with nothing to distract me.

people always say to be patient and just wait. it will come when you least expect it.
i've been waiting long and less expect anything.
i guess i do still have a little more patient left to wait.
should i wish more? pray more?
if i can overcome from breaking down before, i still can now. maybe?
'It' has lost most of its magic that i've been holding on to but i hope it can come back :)
even if i hope 'it' would not end, 'it' always did because that's the nature of 'it'.
it; can i be in one? will i be in one?

well, not everything that we hope for will come but it always come, anyway, just in a different way.
there's a saying; focus on what you have than what you don't have.
but what if the thing that i don't have is the one that i want to have and the one i have, i willing to throw it away, just to have the thing that i don't have?

when / where / how will i grasp the future? what will it looked like?

am i depressing?