Friday, December 24, 2010


this post is none of your reading concerned.
please exit. i just want to voice out.. whatever. so, it's nothing of your concern, thank you.
get away frm ths post as it is poisonous to your mind.
reading this n tonight, a freak clown will go into your bedroom and do whatever is he do.
so, please exit this post.

i don't know.
lately, i've been having depress breakdowns, or is that what it is.
actually, nearly all the time.
i think it started when all my friends move away, i guess.
yea, we can still contact thru the net, phones n stuff bt it's really hard for me coping that they'r nt ther fr me to hug, hold, cry, laugh n all to do togthr.
so, all th time thru 2010, i gss, i've been faking everythg.
smiles, laughs, cries.
all that because i don't want anyone around me to see that i'm having this depressing nonsense, thy wud say.
i said to myself, if they happy, i should be happy too n whatsoever.
i lt thm mock me if it mkes thm happy n mke a joke or two so tht thy were hppy too.
n i will do whatevr i can to mke thm hppy.
but, gss i gt a tste of my own mdicine fr fking. i'm insecure, i know i know.
yea, i do stll hve th current frnds nw, bt thy hve a wall around thm tht i can't break thru.
altho, it's nt real to thm, ... maybe, bt i feel i'm jst a substitute friend.
thy were around if i'm happy bt run away whn i needed a friend th most.
if thy'r 'best' frnds were nt arnd, thy wud look arnd fr me n nxt thng i knw, i ws alone again.
n whn i'm alone, th depressions came bck. i don't want to be an emo, duh, and i hte th loneliness bt thy always knew wher to fnd me.
yea, i hve loads of frnds bt th real ones hd found bttr lives thn me.
thnk goodness thy'r still wth me evn if it's nt physically and i hope they will always be n i thank u.
n my family is my only holding on place now. i'm sry to thm tho tht i nvr really appreciate thm. i'm always tking thngs fr grnted, yada yada.
i don't want to end my 2010 like this. i mean, the depressing part.
tomorrow's christmas n i shud b in th 'festive' mood bt i'm jst not.
i made wishes fr ths year n none of thm came true. maybe i'm nt tryg hard enuff. or th cliche line, not all wishes come true. besides, i have a long but, hopefully, temporary dead end in reaching my dream n wishes.
guess my resolution fr nxt yr is going to b th sme as this year's. but with some addition, of course.
when will all of this end for me?
i can't even cry, too much is weighing and hurting me.

btw, merry christmas. :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

evrybody... why?

so, i've heard. n i am... sad. sober.

now tht spm's ovr, evryone hd a job.
well, yea, i'm vry much sad.
but, oh well, maybe thers some good in this all.

so, alot of ppl had been wndering wht i've been doing.
well, i've been observing my cat's daily lfe, exprimnting th bst way to wash dishs without clogging th drain, th best way to lie down while reading, th bst way to sit on th couch wthout gttg buttocks pain... yea, prtty much VERY boring.

n i'm sry to my friends tht i cn't hang out with u guys.
sme may nt evn cre bt im so vry sry.
oh n razi, sry i cn't properly say goodbye to u too.
we'll meet agn 3 mnths lter k! hpe u cn cope in ur new place~

neeway, on my prev post, i said tht i ws gnna do a rmix.
[WARN!! to those who doesn't like k-pop or does not appreciate the value of music, pls press the 'X' btton at the top right crner of ur screen. safari users, top left.]
n so i did it.
a k-pop 2010 year end mashup. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~
it's not fnish yet bt i'll gt ther soon.
i'm no real good bt pls do anticipate it! XD

here's some pics frm wht i ws doing.
it's a good way to kill time eh.
btw, macbook pro is my new toy! yay!

cn u guess some of th mv? ^.~
till nxt tme!

Friday, December 17, 2010


no, i will not upload the new pict of me braceless.
aftr rmoving th besi(s) me teeth is nt... white.

it'll be upload later.

my remix is going well, thnk u. ^.~

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my braces... it's gone!


finally, th (painful) moment that i have been waiting for.
it brings tears to me eyes.
literally, bring tears to me eyes.

it was painful, bloody, watery, agony... [can't think of another 68 pain-related word in my limited vocab brain]

to ppl who doesn't wear braces, well, the braces r stuck to th teeth by a... harmless, powrful supr glue(?).
so, imgine th doctr 'pulld' tht.
oh God...

thn, th dctr cleand th teeth with a water jet.
to u, ths may seem not painful.
well, if u STILL dn't knw, water jet is a modern conversion frm th trditionl teeth drill.
n it's mor painful. [fyi, some fctories use wter jet to cut thru metals.]

well, yada yada yada, it's ftin's turn!! XD
i wntd to say smethg bt dn't wnta dstrb th dctr.
so, wth my injurd lg, i ran [meang; TRYING to run, i saw th an ant fstr thn me] or walk fst to mum to gt bfast.

now im fverish bt my brces gone n my leg is gttg bttr altho it's still ther [2pm jun k (^.^) hadn't rcoverd yet n we hd th sme injuries altho he has it longr thn me. n ftin's sis needs 1yr to rcover frm ths sme injury. i am sad. bt i hopd snsd tiffany rcover fast. i am still sad.].
well, as ppl said whn thers good, thers bad n vice vrsa.
tht's life. huh..

ok, tht's fr nw. 
rmindr, it's gnna rain grizzly[nt cats n dogs, nt pouring] fr like 5 to 7 days (malaysia)
rmmbr ur umbrella! ~.^

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

amitabh bachan. [not the actor]

if you're wondering who's amitabh bachan,
he's this dude.

my dad's(?) fave(???) bollywood actor.

but if you're expecting me to write a whole blog abt this dude,
please proceed to clicking
alt + f4.
[wht with ths pict anyway? wher is he looking?
another monalisa?]

nope, this post is abt the one cute thing below.

yes, the pencl box monkey's name is inspired by th dude above.
owner; booby saufi.
place of buy; lost world of tambun, petting zoo.
makeup; me, iqin n ftin.
hair; me n iqin.
mustche; spe r?

i got th nme frm slumdog millionaire.
[if u cn't rmmber, it's th prt wher th kid (i frgt th nme)
gt stuck in th toilt and amithabh bachan ws cming to th villge, bcoz he poopd too byk(?) n mke hs frend lose a 'money'.
in th end, he jumpd into th poop pit n 'met' amitabh bachan (it's jst a hand bt still, thers th nme)
if u hve a rlly bd mmory, it' ths scene]
he's cute.
i missd amitabh bachan.
he was th bby frm my marriage wth iqin.
owh, th good times.

mommy misses uuu!
hope sopi gives u loads of booby milk!! XD

cn't write long.
off to eat domino's!

neeway,  i frgt wht time is est tmorrow.
anyone heeeeeelllllllllpppppppppppppppp!!!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

i want to..

i wanta make a song remix.
bt it's hard, right??
i'll try. got plenty of time.
any1 knw a good software?

bt wht song...??

bt everyone,
please anticipate it!! =0=
i'm tryg to mke th deadline bfor new year comes.


[i wnna ride a rollercoastr ;((]

<--- ps; i wish i was tht pretty. =[

to amirah; logan is mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just realized..

that my avatar is a chibi monkey. (check th about sect)
but my url is mascottiger. (look up)



my first post. [cliche tittle]

hey hey hey yo~
guess i don't need introducing cuz there's already th 'about' part.
besides, you cn ask here - click.
i used to hve a blog n thn i dleted it cuz... i wantd to.
and i'm lazy updater.

well, now tht school is over for me [YAAAAAAAAYYY~~~~~~~~] so, i gss i hve loads of free time now.
anything goes in this blog, i gss. jst like evryone else, duh.
since i'm a PROUD malaysian, there'll be a lot of manglish-es here. n shrt frms.
gt ready fr ur dictionary!
n i'll mke this blog 'nice to look at' too. at least fr me.

idk wht else. oh!
neeway, while wrtg ths, i'm actlly hearg to a youtube.
yes, youtube. my itunes got stuck agn, too much song.
n my ipod is half dead too.

btw, like anyone else [can't say everyone] i'm a k-pop fan too.

since idk wht to write on 'my first post [cliche tittle]' (and still cliche),
so, here's a vid of wht i ws listning.

artist; f.cuz (focus)
[blue shirt; jinon (leader-rap-can't sing)
blue pants (he n jinon changed pants?); leeu (sing)
red gloves (topi buluuuu!); kan (yougst-sing (doesn't look th youngst)
red pants(looks just like my pajama pants); yejun (sing)]
song; 11. wanna be your love (friends graduation)
album; 1st album; gorgeous.
genre; k-pop, duh!

yea, it's a low budget mv. got some slow version moves frm 'no one' too.
they'v been debuting fr nearly a year now but hrdly ppl evn ntice. ;(
who's says they'r a fail group jst bcoz jinon faild NEARLY evrythg in drm tm?? it's cuteness overload!!!!! =>0<= (move ovr snsd! (no discrimination intnded)
esp yejunyejunyejunyejunyejunyejun. haaa~~ *going into a faraway space of dreamland...* 
(fan girl moment, sry)
so, tht's it.
till nxt time.