Thursday, January 6, 2011

yo. [keep your head down]

it's a long time since i've blogged.
hello bloggy.
okay weird.
first n foremost, happy new year [cue people screaming, balloons, laser, confettis, fireworks n stuff.. (yeahoooo!!)]
yeay! wee! yay..

n happy schooling!(hha! in ur face!)

so, kinda alot happen since i last blog.
i spent the new year at the grand millenium hotel, up on th 18th floor (the hotel is 19th floor)
i took alot of pics but it'll be upload later.
the fireworks were amazing (duh!) n alot of balloons were released(?). spongebob's flying..huh.
bt th bad news is our hotel is next to pavilion, in front of fahrenheit, bt i cn't go shopping bcoz of my condition.
i hope for a speedy recovery!! :)

n since thn i've been spending the way(?).
idk y ppl said it's bttr to go to school thn styg at home doing nthg.
i like it home. no, i'm not gnna spend my whole entire life stuck at home or whtever.
it's jst ppl dunno wht to do at home.

jst ystrday, i went to gt my retainer.
goodbye braces!! hhe.
nway, thers alot of news regrding brces as a trend. [evn th media]
ppl who thnks braces r a trend, to me, r whackos. n it's soooooooo last season fr me nway.
brces r hosp stuff. only SICK [bad teeth] ppl go to hosp.
yes, i hve bad teeth n i went to gt brces.
so, ppl with good teeth, brces r not a trend. it's painful too n sum ppl wore it till 3yrs.
3yrs of nerdish.not cool.
my advice; jst go to a cosmetic dentist if u rlly tht dsperte.
it does cost alil more bt it's fast. rther thn u hve to suffer gttg excessive saliva.

n my cat killed two birds..not with a stone! jst the mrning too.
poor birds. i tried to save thm bt it was already too late.
the funeral is ths evening. wanna come? hhe.
n ths raining / spring season, mde a leak in my bedroom ceiling.
n evry night i woke up in cold. 
i like th cold actlly. it's always hot here. yay~
n i've been addicted to dongwoon & doojoon (b2st)'s song; when the door closes in ths calm season.

lastly, please enjoy ths 'too hot to handle' mv for tvxq's why (keep your head down). it's already stuck in my head.
singer; yunho (u-know) & changmin (max)

youtube; sment
i missed tvxq as five.
bt ths does nt mean tht it'll nt gnna be as good! like all of their song, i could nt help bt fall in love. :)
evn perez hilton blog it ; !
okay till next time!

to amirah; good luck on your interview!! XD