Thursday, March 31, 2011

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Monday, March 28, 2011

>3< 1n2d!

yes, so.. i chnged th bnner agn.
i thot i wnna put th privous one alil bit longer bt i cn't cntain myself frm ptting this new one! >0<

it's from my fave variety show; 1night 2days! XDDD *clapclapclap n more excessive clapping*

i've been searching high n low fr th pic of jiwon doing th five treasure island (FT Island 0.o) mission~
poor him tho. 3days! XD <-- well, if u wtch th show, u gt this.

btw, congrats to him fr dbuting with clover [teaser clickclick] aftr retiring frm sech kies ;D

i guess.. my parents has become the factor of me to cannot do the things i wanted, even if it is for my future.

yea. wht the tittle says. i'm so screwed loose.

k-pop ideal. [world cup type]

k-pop ideal - male

ok. so i was bored as always and randomly typing things on google search engine.
i remembered on u-kiss's vampire kiss and many other various variety shows where they do this ideal type world cup style thngy.

so, i found th site [click the link above] and i tried th normal one n i got leeteuk [frgot to print screen :/ so enjoy ths macro]
photobucket snatched.

n do th hrd one [nthng hrd rlly, thy jst giv u 5secs to decide] n got...

shocking! XD
in the end it ws suju vs big bang [taeyang]. bt i keep gtting rsults tht vs the sme group
[eg; daesung vs seungri / yesung vs leeteuk / kibum vs alexander - shocker!]

i jst hope to gt leeteuk again tho bt y does it hve to b kyu vs th beautiful leader?!! hhe.
nvm, i like kyu fr his voice. extra points fr tht.

most saddest part.. it's rather old. y no beast / infinite?!! ;(

btw, thers female vers too. i tried it for fun.

the pictures kinda sucks.. n in th end it was 2ne1 cl vs  kara gyuri.
n i chose;
i'm sry cl! :S
gyuri's beauty mkes me teary.. tsk3.

n jessica vs taeyeon too :( hhu.

to those who doesn't undrstnd; jst click go or gogo in th fmale vers.
evn if u dunno who, jst choose based on looks XD

thnk u reading th most boring story of my life! :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh oh oh oh~

most macros here are from my already 10inch-dusting library. so, i forgot where i got them.
i'm sry fr the fail bt all credits go to the creator since all the macros are not mine.
yea. what kyuhyun's doing.

i rlly dunno wht to do right now.
i've been listening to infinite's can u smile again and again n no infinite.. i can't smile :(
[oh, wht coincidence, it's now playing on my itunes XDDDD n th remake vers is too <3]

no not th depressing kind of not smile bt th dunno wht to do, jst leave me th fuck off, faking the smile, cnfused, pissed off kind of not smile.

yea, wht kibum did.
let's just say i hate pre-spm, spm n now, post-spm.
thnk u, jo kwon.

yea, it's fr th fture. bt ythHELL do i only gt to only choose one out of TWO, out of all th opportunities out ther?!?!!
dad: u can only choose between th matriks [only sains hayat, sains fizikal n akaun??!!] or f6[HELL NO go back to school!!].

oh taekyeon.
wht th hell!!
none of em is close to wht i wnna be n wht evr hppend to 'no mtter wht choice u mke, we'll support u'.

do u still thnk th opening job as the 'successfully unemployed' still open?

'oh can u smile'~

i'm using my new macbook pro now. yay!
yes, befor i use macbook too but it ws my dad's.
now, it's my own. out from th factory 2weeks ago. well, tht's wht th seller said. :DD i can only say congrats to myself.. so..
congrats to me~

questionnaire pt 8; fun on k-pop! :o

someone send me this, thnk u!
n this is th first time sum1 evr send sumthng to me to b post here. hhu.
*grateful tears are overflowing, millions of derp faces are posing*
not tht i hve mny followers but..
whoever u are (cuz u don't leave any info..),
THANK YOU! here's for uuuu~
now, to answer.

Favorite K-pop band(s)?
So BEAST~, infinitely infinite and 2ne1! XD

Favorite K-pop idol(s)?
hmm.. i gotta say i like all.. until i found a fave to biased. hhe ;D bt i do have favorites from evry group..
Favorite song(s)?
alot!! and my faves chnges all th time. so, i can't say one that i really like but if u refer to nmber 1, i listen mostly to them!! :)

New 2010 group you think has the potential to go really far?
2010? boys group; infinite, dalmatian, ze:a, teen top.
for girls group; i got my eyes on girls day cuz of their 'shine shine' song and sistar

Dance from an MV you're dying to learn?
for now, infinite's nothing's over!!! XDDDDDD bt i hven't evn fnished btd yet eithr.. 

Any interesting K-pop experiences?
i am such a sad sad person. unlucky too ;p 

How did you get into K-pop to begin with?
an incident that i really want to forget, that had scarred me in the heart for as long as i live.. had bring me to k-pop. lol yes tht dramatic. hha, yes that did happen and k-pop healed me!! in a way.. n in a way i feel like 'indebted' to k-pop. :)

If you saw a band that you loved randomly one day, how would you react?
idk. stunned? i am a calm person, u know. hhe. 

If you were walking home one day, and happen to hear you favorite K-pop song playing from a nearby shopping centre, what would you do?
if i know th dance, well, be sure to come and watch me embarass myself, LIVE from the front seat!! XD or i would sing it if no one's arnd. :D 

If you got a surprise visit from your favorite group, telling you that they would give you FREE tickets to their new concert, if you spent a whole night in an old abandoned mansion all by yourself, on a high mountain somewhere with only a sleeping bag and a packet of marshmallows (xD), AND the place was haunted, would you do it? And if so, how would you survive the night?
- if this is a variety reality show.. and i got paid 1mil bux.. and if they let me live in their dorm forever..!!! no. 

If you were getting someone into K-pop, and could choose three songs for them to listen to, what songs would they be?
this is hard.. big bang - lies / tonight & 2ne1 - go away. i'm lstening to thm now.. so.. 

What would be your ideal way of meeting your favorite group?
if i can call them 'sunbaenim~'..

Least favorite K-pop group?
uhh.. gp basic? i'm sorry bt it's true. 

Why is it that you like K-pop exactly?
eng songs got kinda too 'dirty' for me, too much scandals n drma! th way k-pop stars work hard for evrythng from th vocals, to th dncing n sync-ness makes me wnt to spport thm mor! :)
Any wisdom you'd like to part onto the people who are new to K-pop?
if bieber has a fever, k-pop has the medicine! XD lol. not funny bt idk wht else to say [epic fail]

On a scale of one to ten, how do you think K-pop has taken over your life?
2pm even sang it fr me right now.. lol. 10 points over 10! 

Last words?
taaa~ thnx again!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

seven should be spell se7en.

[no macros for now. it's gif bebeh!! >3<]
but some stop moving.. DAMN YOUUU!!! Y??? can't b fixd.. ;((

[new update--->] I fixed th gifs. yaaaayyy!!

yes. like th tittle, it's se7en, as in this guy. hot hot! ^0^
congrats to him for celebrating his 8th anniversary as a singer, today!! yayy!
i shud put the pic he posted on twitter shudn't i? well, nah!
and yep, that was the news i saw this morning.

also, today, if u'r a malaysian, it's the day where our spm results kluar.
wait, yay??!!

yea, i ws nervous as hell ths mrning.
bcoz for my upsr rsult, my mam took it.
my pmr rsult ws taken by my fren cuz i ws still on vacation.
so, yea, it's my first time tking an official exam result.

yea, i dun rlly wnna go. ;(( but i have to. dang!
i heard on the news, tht the results gonna be out at 10 o'clock n i arrived at 10.10, hoping tht sum already took theirs n i just come n say 'hey, how r u?'
unfortunately, luck is not on my side. well, never actually. ;(
cuz when i came the teacher just got the results n were counting em in th office.
my nervous as hell just went to heaven when i heard tht and i kinda lose my mind after tht.

lol. dear heechul, did u know tht my cat is also name heechul?
n it's the same breed as your heebum? *evil laugh.
ten minutes later, the teachers came down and was all smiling and all.
i was like daaaaaaaaaammmnnnn.

some teachers went to my friends and say stuff like 'oh, you'r great', 'you'r fine' n th most skit hti one is 'whoa, bnyak a dpt hah!'
but.. y teacher u no layan me??!!!! me is sad to the max!!


da la tgh cuak bole lgi gi ckp kt org SEKELILING ak cmtu, tp ak xpla dilayan -_-''
apala gerangan orang sepertiku di dunia ini.. lol.
long story short, at 10.45am, it's doom time!! [wear ur sunglasses like the secret spies]
by tht time, the saliva i swallowed tastes like puke bcoz.. i swallowed my puke several times.. duh.
evryone rushed to the teachers to take their result and sumhow i cudn't move my legs to the room.
i applaud everyone for their braveness.
so, i stayed behind and when evryone ask 'have u took urs?', i replied 'no, it's ok to b late. it's not like i'm chasing some goats and bulls'.
bt in reality, cold sweats drowned me.
evryone arnd me ws crying n laughing like crazy. i wsh i ws wearing a costume..
cr: kpop_gifs@LJ

or a disguise..

cr: kpop_gifs@LJ
long story short agn.
aftr 30mins, i dcided to enter with a.. really smart friend. i thot it's gnna b easier bt as soon as i reachd the door, i feel like pooping n by playing rock paper scissors, we chose who would go first. as expected, i had no luck and i win. damn. th moment where i wantd to fail..y hand u chose rock...??!!!
n i entred..
teacher said bla bla bla n gve me my reslt bt i didn't even dare look at it. yes, i didn't even look at it.

going out, thers a teacher who's responsible to take the pictures of the students that got 6a's n above.
n she kept asking me if i hd 6a's or not. we had a small fight tho. i said no no i didn't got 6 [no, i still hven't tke a peek at my result yet] n finally i gave her my result and the next thing she said made me go..

note: leeteuk is saying 'what the HELL!!'
'hhuumm.. you got more than 6 here'.

aftr tht.. well, let just say, those with cameras that time, ther shud gt super cool shots of my overflowing expression of derp faces. [come to think of it, it didn't evn cross my mind tht she cud prbbly be lying bt.. she's not]
in gif, this is what my inside was like..
on th outside;
tht's all for my stupid story. hhe.
wht hppen next is tht i hve the sme derp fce for fricking 15mins n yes, the teachr took my pic [to b put on a plaque] while waterfall ws still falling. T_T

here i wud like to thank you evryone; my parents, my other family members that is not my parents, my friends, my teddies, my mp3.. lol, who had support me all the waaaaaaaaaaaaay. with this expression.

i know my dad had already forced me to call evryone and to thank them for their supports..
but i didn't get the chance to say thnk you to all my friends. :(

but still, i THANK YOU all!!! XD
yea, my result wasn't exactly all a's [i took 11 subjects n yet, i hate studying] bt i'm proud of it :D
what done is done anyway.
here some hearts for u guys!! the hug is compulsory~
pick any that you like to take. hhe.
that's all. i wish i have mor hearts to give tho.. :((
now it's time to dance crazeeeeeyyyy!!!! cuz one obstacle is GONE bebeh!!
n ps; next time, i have to learn to cry like this.
n mybe bcoz i saw se7en's article befor going to face the DOOM, cud it b.. a sign? hhe.
yes, i got only 7. :) i am proud. bet u'r smarter XD

ps again; wher's my beast shock japanese album???!!! isn't it suppose to b.. today?!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

twenty-three is tumoro.



yes mir, i'm frigging serious.
tmoro is dooms day!!!!!! 
spmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspm spmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspm
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spmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspm spmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspmspm
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i dunno thunder...
oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no
but whatever it is..
yeah!! i am. humph! *stands tall and proud like a statue with bird poo on shoulder.
well, i wud've been like tht if my feeling weren't like this tho;
damn dongjun's right.. faecpalm with my cat's paws.

and the last thing that's on my mind..

photobucket snatched.
totally true, sungmin.. T_T

i probably can't sleep tonight..
n probably have a morning n go to school with a pedo-face.

cr: i forgot.. n i am sorry for the fail..
thank you, chansung.. ;((

questionnaire pt. 7; itunes! :D

again, i found this across the web. all credits to rightful owner! :)
ps; i'm a k-popper!! 

Is all your music organized?
yep! by albums.

In order by ARTIST (a to z): Which is first?
AJ :)

In order by ARTIST (a to z): Which is last?
it's nt alphbet; 8eight. 0.o

How many songs do you have on your computer?
1610 ;( some of em r missing

How much room does your music take up on your computer?

How long (hours, minutes, etc.) is your music, altogether?

In oder by TITLE (a to z): Which is first?:

In order by TITLE (a to z): Which is last?
∞ XD go infiniteeeeee~

What are you listening to right now?
big bang - so beautiful

Which band's music do you have the most of?
big bang!

Put your music on RANDOM. What's comes up for the next ten songs?
01. high high
02. before 10 heartbeats
03. introducing san-e!
04. sunny
05. rainy days (unplugged english)
06. jumping
07. shining star
08. baby i like you like that
09. with u
10. can u smile (remake)

In order by LENGTH/TIME (shortest to longest): Which comes first?:
ukiss's intro from first album - 0.20

In order by LENGTH/TIME (longest to shortest):
jyj's untittled song part.1. this mkes me cry a waterfall. i wnt part. 2!


List off your top 25 most played songs? 

ps; my itunes n mp3 r 2 sparate thngs.
01. bad girl
02. supa luv
03. nothing's over >3<
04. breath
05. cry
06. hoot - i find it hard to believe too
07. stay
08. btd
09. wedding dress
10. i love you till it snows is summer
11. beautiful
12. tonight
13. what should i do
14. hysterie
15. i like you the best
16. good day
17. aing~
18. you are the best in my life
19. be my girl
20. why (keep your head down)
21. shy boy
22. how dare you
23. you
24. shut up
25. jumping

Do people think you have good taste in music?
don't care.

Song of the moment?
angel <3

What band are you listening to, currently?
teeeeeeen top!

How many songs do you have?
wasn't this askd befor?

Put the bands in alphabetical order - list the first 10 bands from the top:
01. aj
02. beast - lol.
03. big bang
04. boa
05. brave brothers
06. brown eyed girls
07. c.n. blue
08. dnt
09. f.cuz
10. ft island

And from the bottom:
01. 8eight
02. 4minute
03. 2pm
04. 2ne1
05. 2am
06. hangeng
07. choshinsei / supernova
08. tohoshinki / dbsk
09. shoujo jidai / snsd
10. kangta - it ws in chinese chrcter

So, what are you listening to right now?
ze:a - all day long

How many genres do you have?
k k k k k k  clear?

Which one dominates your music collection?

Do you even rate your songs?

Is your itunes (or whatever) nice and pretty, with everything filled in and album art displayed?

Do you make playlists often?
not rlly

If so, tell me the playlists you have right now and what's in them:
i said no.

What's your top listened to song?
check the top 25

Do you have songs you haven't even listened to?
kinda.. cnblue's new album i hven't finish listening yet

What's the last song, or songs, you added to your library?
cnblue's first step album

What are you listening to now?
secret - i want you back

How many songs do you have by this artist?

How did you acquire all this music anyways?
buy, duh!

What artist do you have the most songs/albums from?
isn't this asked befor??!

Search for these and see how many songs come up -
Peace: 0 lol i'm sry world peace
Love: 94 / 47 in kor.
Earth: 0
Death: 0
God: 1
Sun: 18 / 17 in kor.
Moon: 1.
Bird: 1 in kor.
Little: 0
Big: 94

Put it on shuffle, and write the first 5 songs that come up:

01. no dance, no life
02. falling
03. magic
04. tell me your love
05. song for the first time lovers (banmal song)

What is your favourite song out of those?
no 4. but no 5 is nice too. yongseo.. ;(

Favourite artist [out of those]?
hmmm.. no 5, cnblue, mybe?

Do you ever go through your collection and do some 'spring cleaning'?

Do you like acoustic songs?
i'm cool

i say it once, i say it again.