Monday, December 13, 2010

my first post. [cliche tittle]

hey hey hey yo~
guess i don't need introducing cuz there's already th 'about' part.
besides, you cn ask here - click.
i used to hve a blog n thn i dleted it cuz... i wantd to.
and i'm lazy updater.

well, now tht school is over for me [YAAAAAAAAYYY~~~~~~~~] so, i gss i hve loads of free time now.
anything goes in this blog, i gss. jst like evryone else, duh.
since i'm a PROUD malaysian, there'll be a lot of manglish-es here. n shrt frms.
gt ready fr ur dictionary!
n i'll mke this blog 'nice to look at' too. at least fr me.

idk wht else. oh!
neeway, while wrtg ths, i'm actlly hearg to a youtube.
yes, youtube. my itunes got stuck agn, too much song.
n my ipod is half dead too.

btw, like anyone else [can't say everyone] i'm a k-pop fan too.

since idk wht to write on 'my first post [cliche tittle]' (and still cliche),
so, here's a vid of wht i ws listning.

artist; f.cuz (focus)
[blue shirt; jinon (leader-rap-can't sing)
blue pants (he n jinon changed pants?); leeu (sing)
red gloves (topi buluuuu!); kan (yougst-sing (doesn't look th youngst)
red pants(looks just like my pajama pants); yejun (sing)]
song; 11. wanna be your love (friends graduation)
album; 1st album; gorgeous.
genre; k-pop, duh!

yea, it's a low budget mv. got some slow version moves frm 'no one' too.
they'v been debuting fr nearly a year now but hrdly ppl evn ntice. ;(
who's says they'r a fail group jst bcoz jinon faild NEARLY evrythg in drm tm?? it's cuteness overload!!!!! =>0<= (move ovr snsd! (no discrimination intnded)
esp yejunyejunyejunyejunyejunyejun. haaa~~ *going into a faraway space of dreamland...* 
(fan girl moment, sry)
so, tht's it.
till nxt time.