Saturday, December 18, 2010

evrybody... why?

so, i've heard. n i am... sad. sober.

now tht spm's ovr, evryone hd a job.
well, yea, i'm vry much sad.
but, oh well, maybe thers some good in this all.

so, alot of ppl had been wndering wht i've been doing.
well, i've been observing my cat's daily lfe, exprimnting th bst way to wash dishs without clogging th drain, th best way to lie down while reading, th bst way to sit on th couch wthout gttg buttocks pain... yea, prtty much VERY boring.

n i'm sry to my friends tht i cn't hang out with u guys.
sme may nt evn cre bt im so vry sry.
oh n razi, sry i cn't properly say goodbye to u too.
we'll meet agn 3 mnths lter k! hpe u cn cope in ur new place~

neeway, on my prev post, i said tht i ws gnna do a rmix.
[WARN!! to those who doesn't like k-pop or does not appreciate the value of music, pls press the 'X' btton at the top right crner of ur screen. safari users, top left.]
n so i did it.
a k-pop 2010 year end mashup. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~
it's not fnish yet bt i'll gt ther soon.
i'm no real good bt pls do anticipate it! XD

here's some pics frm wht i ws doing.
it's a good way to kill time eh.
btw, macbook pro is my new toy! yay!

cn u guess some of th mv? ^.~
till nxt tme!