Thursday, December 16, 2010

my braces... it's gone!


finally, th (painful) moment that i have been waiting for.
it brings tears to me eyes.
literally, bring tears to me eyes.

it was painful, bloody, watery, agony... [can't think of another 68 pain-related word in my limited vocab brain]

to ppl who doesn't wear braces, well, the braces r stuck to th teeth by a... harmless, powrful supr glue(?).
so, imgine th doctr 'pulld' tht.
oh God...

thn, th dctr cleand th teeth with a water jet.
to u, ths may seem not painful.
well, if u STILL dn't knw, water jet is a modern conversion frm th trditionl teeth drill.
n it's mor painful. [fyi, some fctories use wter jet to cut thru metals.]

well, yada yada yada, it's ftin's turn!! XD
i wntd to say smethg bt dn't wnta dstrb th dctr.
so, wth my injurd lg, i ran [meang; TRYING to run, i saw th an ant fstr thn me] or walk fst to mum to gt bfast.

now im fverish bt my brces gone n my leg is gttg bttr altho it's still ther [2pm jun k (^.^) hadn't rcoverd yet n we hd th sme injuries altho he has it longr thn me. n ftin's sis needs 1yr to rcover frm ths sme injury. i am sad. bt i hopd snsd tiffany rcover fast. i am still sad.].
well, as ppl said whn thers good, thers bad n vice vrsa.
tht's life. huh..

ok, tht's fr nw. 
rmindr, it's gnna rain grizzly[nt cats n dogs, nt pouring] fr like 5 to 7 days (malaysia)
rmmbr ur umbrella! ~.^