Monday, February 14, 2011

di mana dia..

di mana dia.. kawan-kawan saya.. [bak lgu 'di mana dia, ank kmbing sya..' i frgot th tjuk]
i friggin missed you guys.
but all keje n stuff.
penganggur sukses cm aku ni, ade yg nk hangout brsame? hha.

i'm getting scared of the future but should i really am??
smue da gi apply uni / college n others n ade yg da msuk pn.
hella scared the jizz of my pants.
which brings me back to square 1 of;
what should i do in life.. idk.
what should i do to so that i have something to do in life.. easy, do something i love.
but what would it be.. idk.
are u rlly this.. undecisive.. uuhh.

whtevr it is, patience is the best answer while doing... stuff, i guess.
shopping, travelling, enjoying.. things that i do every day.. sleeping, eating, tv-ing, shitting..
have to wait fr spm rsults nway.
hope i get better than i expected!
and my friends too.

lol this mixed emotion post.

the 'star of the week' column is removed temporarily.