Monday, February 28, 2011

SHOCKingly yay!

first of all, i'm sorry, ths post shud be a day earlier.
since i don't have a time machine, so keep in mind tht ths hppn ysterday, k? 
[27th Feb]

well, early in the morning as usual, i woke up n went back to sleep when my cat came in n meow its heart out.
i chased it out of the room n being widely awake, i showered n bfast.
th cat wait loyally outside th bthroom door, meowing meowing n i chsed it out agn.
mam, as usual, nag abt me woke up late n didn't help with the chores [well, tht's th poin of wking up late n i did ths evryday too. she shud gt th hint =/]
well, tht doesn't stop until she went to cut her hair. she went with my sis.
finally, peace.
an hour later, she came back n quietly log on to her facebook.
my cuzin, post up a video n she happiliy [prcticlly jmping up n down her seat, th mrning nagging nt rmmbered. phew~] calls me n sis to wtch it.

n th vid ws a series of photos [with mam in it], with th bckground song singng 'happy birthday'
n i ws like 'oh shit! my cat's shitting again!'

so, now, with one hand on a cold pizza from last night [tht's hw we clebrte. we hardly eat take-outs or not eat at hme] n still in pajamas, half-awake with dried boogers..

i wish my mam, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

wishing u to mke mor hppy times n mmories as u live a long life. lol. is tht right?
im sry i cudn't b th daughter u wntd me to b [bt dun wrry, u cn alwys brain wsh my sis. hhe] bt i'll b th bst daughtr fr u tht i cn be.

actlly, we did wishd hr earlier bfor cuz dad's gnna b away fr a while, so, i ttally frgot abt it.
n stpid phone fr not functioning proprly [calendar event alarm is stupid!]

added point; she even said tht evn jst a cuzin, he upload a vid wishing her happy bday. and even added; who'r u? nvm, tv is my friend.
i do sry fr nt mking u a vid. i mean, we live in th sme house. it's.. awkward..? :/

so, tht's tht fr mam's bday. we'll 'officially' celebrate it aftr dad's bck home.

also, it's teen top's ricky birthday. i jst found out he has th sme brthday as mam's. hhe.
n's win of mutizen [awrd u gt when u won in three music shows in a row]
n it's big bang's the big show day :D)))
n to beast, congrats for their 500th day of being th b2st on ths date, too!

sriuosly, mams do hve mgical touch. how so, i don't know.

i heard tht spm's result fr 2011 is cming out in 23rd march. is this true?
i don't want it to be true!! but since i still have one operation left to go, i'm soo hving it tht day.
muhaahahah~ if i had bd rsults, no one cn nag me or whtevr since well, i'm sick. if i hd a good one tho [let's hope for tht!!!] my recovery is gonna b a mircle :)) [hoping for tht one too]

bt sum good news [fr me, i gss] beast's releasing a japanese debut single tht day [altho they do already release th mv tday. japanese mrketing exposure? pv?] bt thy do contain T-shirts, stickers, and DVDs of their MV and live performances fr tht upcoming single.

here, enjoy!

nothing chnged to th junhyung's rap part [well, he did wrote tht part. originality <3], whch rlly took me off guard whn sddenly doojoon sang in japanese. hhe.
i rlly 'cn't breath, like freeze' wtching this~ <3 i love both versions bt ths mor <333
this song is not over? hha. well, not if i keep raping th replay button.
YT credit; universalmusicjapan

if u'r wndering wth thy blabbering abt in th bginning; [ps; ths is jst a rough trnsltion]
omg! b2st encore airline shirts <3 come to thnk of it, th bckground does look like it ws th bckstge of th cncert. wow, a view of th pilots' cockpit!
all; so beast~ hello (japanese) [lol yoseob at mis-timing]
kikwang; hello (korean) we r beast. on march 16th, we will release our japanese debut album.
all; wow! :D
kikwang; everyone, please watch out for it!
so now, let's watch the jap version of the music video shock. should we do a countdown to the start?
yoseob; yes..
all; 1 2 3 (japanese) cue! [except dongwoon n hyunseung hha]
[let's watch n rape the replay button bcoz joker said this song is not over! XD]

sry, no pictures fr th events mention above. you can find elsewhere in other sites [except fr mam's bday, duh! ther rlly is no pic fr tht day. hmm.]

till next time, taaa~


well, universal music japan privated th video :((
aww, it contained th greeting  opening. [well, ther r othrs, go chck out self k~]
cuz beastofficial already release th official one. :)

enjoy :)

coming up, next from cube; a pink! :D
ps; fr mor fun & thrills n posibbly gtting a permanent cross-eye or a teribble splitting headache, wtch th 2ver vids side by side. hha! guarantee to make both ur brain work at th sme time thus bcme a smrty pants fr a whole 6secs. ;p