Tuesday, February 22, 2011

questionnaire pt. 3; [kpop]

again, i have nothing to do. bt sumhow ths crappy blog needs an updte sumhow.
ok, here sum k-pop qs' i found all over the net. beware, it's real looooooooooong~
all of th answers r from my own views, thnkies. :)

Favorite boy group?
so beast! :D

Favorite girl group?
2ne1 ~

Other groups you love?
every! y wud i not?

Favorites from each of the groups stated above?
i did said evry..

Favorite solo female singer?
iu (*trying; i'm in my dreeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeAM! fail.)
g.na! <33 sry boa..

Favorite solo male singer?
8eight's lee hyun. well, he did made a solo debut. oh, n se7en.

Favorite songs right now?
beast's shock! (jap) lol not k-pop.. technically, it is. hhe.

Favorite entertainment company?
yg, jyp n cube :))

First kpop song ever?
ft island - i hope. i strtd late :(( all thos wsted years..
no, wait. i thnk it's big bang - everyday

First kpop music video ever?
big bang - everyday or was it snsd - gee. hhe. cn't rmmbr bt i did wtch those two side by side.

First kpop love (group/solo)?
shinee :) solo; se7en

First variety show (and with who)?
1n2d. kang hodong 'attracts' me XD

Any dance you can do (from a MV etc) or want to learn?

Any songs you memorized the lyrics to?
mostly i know

Hottest male in the industry to you?
jyj's jaejoong! n beast's kikwang XD [accrding to body ;p]

Prettiest female in the industry to you?
after school nana n raina (sry lizzy :(( ) , lee hyori n g.na :D oh, n th true goddess, kara's gyuri :DD

A person you want to be like/admire the most?
none. i jst wnna be me. bt with their fashion sense XD

A song you must/always/usually listen to EVERY day?
k-pop! <333 hha

Your favorite music video?
taeyang - wedding dress. it nvr fails to mke me cry of sad(i luv th stryline excpt th b*tch who dumpd tae. bt she's jst actg. hha) n joy(i mean, helloooooo, it's taeyang!). tsk tsk.

Any of your friends into kpop?
uhhh... hha. i'm th only weird one out i gss.

Which group can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time in kpop?
beast is so b2st!

Favorite newbie group

infinite, dalmatian n teen top <3

Cutest maknae?

lol. aren't thy all sppose to b cute? bt nway so, top 3, in no order; ukiss's dongho, f.cuz's yejun, shinee's taemin.

Best leader?
m; suju's leeteuk
f; 2ne1's cl!

Funniest idol?

2am's jo kwon! n ex-ukiss's alexander :(

Favorite show with idols?

every :) even if it scripted, th way thy express it is fun!

Most talented group? (besides DBSK since that's what everyone's answers will/should be :D)
jyj? hha! my answer will be; this is he beast time to fly! n dalmatian~ even rookies cn outcome seniors :P

Whose comeback are you most excited for???

big bang!! (24th baby!) n k-pop into the japanese market :D

How'd you get into kpop?
mtv. hha! xp

Current song you're listening to right now? (if you are listening to one)

infinite - hysterie

Previous song you listen?
oneday - magic (remix)

Which k-pop group/star has the coolest/original hair?
current coolest; teen top in supa luv? hha. it's so crazy looking. bt i do like jonghyun's hair in ring ding dong. yay! n g.na's in supa solo.

Which group/star in your opinion always stays original?

ahh~ this is hard.. even if it is in my opinion.. idk. 

What group/star has the coolest dance moves?

mblaq, infinite n beast :) as for star; rain n tvxq's yunho :DD

If you could choose, what group/stars wardrobe borrow?

2ne1 ;p

What couple do you wanna see on We Got Married?

bring back th adam's couple! lol.
n i wnt thm rlly got married :DD

Who do you wanna see on Hello Baby?

ft island [crazyness galore!], 2pm[beastly fathers..], brown eyed girls or suju? hha.

Who has the cutest smile?

inifinite's l cuz it's so rare to see. 0.o (u knw, i gt ths crzy idea, whnevr he smiled, he's gnna write a nme on hs death note.. lol) beast's yoseob (he lux like a cute puppy!) n shinee's key (he's plotting something cheeky... hhe) :D

What are most looking forward to in 2011? ^^
more success, less failure? hhe.


Name your favorite songs from the following KPOP Groups! ^^
2AM: friend's confession, can't let you go even if i died n you wouldn't answer my calls
2Ne1: fire, try to follow me n all in to anyone album
2PM: i can't, heartbeat, tired of waiting, i hate you, only you
4minute: muzik, huh, hide & seek, won't give you, [+ change]
After School: because of you, when i fall [+ one love, aing~, come back you bad person]
Beast: all! XD
Big Bang: tonight, everyday, so beautiful, lies, baby baby, heaven, sunset glow, everything, always [+ all in jap albums n solo/duet albums]
Brown Eyed Girls: sign, abracadabra [+ mamma mia, irresistable, radio star]
C.N. Blue: lie, i don't know why, love's light, black flower
Dalmatian: all! XD
DBSK: balloons, hug, mirotic, why, stop the time, break out, wrong number, purple line [+ mission, i.d.s, w, long way, be my girl, with you always, empty]
f(x): la cha ta~
F.Cuz: say u say me, mine, graduation of a friend, u crazy, boy meet girl, go
FT Island: all~ :)
Infinite: all~ :D
KARA: jumping, burn, lupin, aha
MBLAQ: y, stay, cry, you n again (lols)
miss A: breathe
One Way: rainy days, flight 101, falling n magic
Rainbow: mach
Secret: shy boy, sure i'll be fine n do well!
SHINee: hello, all in lucifer album, replay, amigo, boy meets girl, hit me instead
SISTAR: shady girl, how dare you
SNSD: genie, star star star n hoot 0.o
SS501: let me be the one n crazy 4 u
Super Junior: happiness, shining star, it's you, why i like you, marry u, u n all my heart [+ all in bonamana album, sub units album except sj-m; true love, too perfect, destiny, confession]
Supernova: hit, on days that i missed you, lalala [+ shining star, love letter, super star ~reborn~]
T-ara:  crazy bcoz of you, it's ok
Teen Top: all! :)
The Boss: blinding world, no one.. anyone, stumble stumble n one [+ i love you till it snows in summer]
U-Kiss: i like you, am i  that easy, round and round, what's this, without you [+ all in break time album]

Wonder Girls: 2 different tears, tell me
Ze:A: all day long, man 2 man, level up n mazeltov [+ love letter, my only wish]

yayy! meet again~