Thursday, February 10, 2011

cny story.

So, its hppy chnese new year. Hppy chnese nw year!! [cue frewrks. !!Boom bam pow!! (boom boom pow??)] Or sum clld hppy lunar nw year. Whtevr u clld it, it stll is th sme thg. So, ther.
Whoa! A fire crcker jst went off! Hhe. Fr oldies, its a trdition n sumwht annoynce. Fr yngstrs, its exctg, cool n fun to hear th old scard out of their skin. Im prtty sure they teach us to nt swear loud in pblic.. Lol. Bt thy r th agpw gvers. So, lts nt gt into their nrve. Hhe.
I hope fr loads of agpw ths year cuz lst yr th spm curse caught up wth me. Bsdes, its my source of incme. Hhe. Hey, I dnt work like most of my frens. I gt to meet a lot of ppl i nvr knew exstd too. Whoo.. Gtta admit, its knda awkward.. Bt i hope to b closr to thm n leave a gud imprssn bfor headg bck home. Lving in th cty shud mke sum1 an exprencd prson bt th bond wth fmily will sumwht gt loose(?) i hope to fix tht! [n gt byk2 agpw. Hha!]

[Picture Update]

well, the above entry is when i was at the scene of the incident.. hhe.
it cost me 2bux from the fon. chet!
nway, i dnt wnna write much, so, here are pictures!

it's my aunt birthday on th 2nd day i arrive ther. happy bday!

if u see it first glance, its nothng. have u see it throughly? thers sumthng ther.. hhe.

th cke fr tht day. i pickd it! <3 i hope evrybdy likes it..

sum of the fud we HAVE to ate. hhe

dun ask me abt those 3buks.. i gt bord. im not j.biebr fan nor a twilight fan. im not a hater eithr.

the most sad part of cny. we arrive late at our aunt's house. so, we missed th lion dance n he only left us with this...
n my nephew's performing too. i missd tht as well.

amalan wajib cny

bsela.. da gathering2 tu. men sorg2, is gile.

so, tht's the pics! thers alot mor bt i didnt upload it cuz of privacy prposes.
oh! anthr imprtnt thng for cny..

sooo byk.
ok, till next time!