Thursday, February 17, 2011

*in current shock

idk what's up with th tittle bt i guess that's my current mood for now.

so, nway, i bought some wigs on my trip to sabah during cny.
usually my mam wud object bt eventually, we end up buying 4.
so, here.
i guess its a way of her saying; 'no, i won't get you the headphones you want'.
da tu je.

i ws rehearsing (note; eyebags n dark circles) bt thn i got bord, so i tried thm on n, tadaa, ss selcas.
cute wigs tho.

but not cute me.

bt mom.. my earphone is broken in one ear.
i feel.. half deaf hearing to songs now. chet!

oh, n if u'r readg, please check this cute yet hilarious video i found from youtube.
i raped the replay button.. n i still cn't gt enuff of it~~ hahahahahahahahahahahaa!!

a life as a korean student.

th kid rminds of me of seulong from 2am. teen version(?).

n infinite sungjong made a parody. XDDD
kudos to woollim ent<3
this is cuter~

a life as an infinite. - sungyeol.

th terms 'boys will be boys' is slowly losing its meaning. in a good way. yaay! :))

the videos summarized my life in just seconds. altho i don't find what connection..

[SUPER DUPER SPOILER - don't read if u'r one of the faint hearted.. or was born on '93]

i found this online = "Sekarang ini mesti ramai yang menanti-nantikan keputusan Sijil  Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) tahun 2010/2011.Kebiasaanya keputusan SPM akan keluar pada awal bulan Mac antara minggu pertama atau minggu kedua bulan Mac 2011.Kemungkinan besar,minggu depan atau akhir bulan Februari ini pihak kementerian akan umumkan tarikh sebenar keputusan SPM"

just my feeling exactly. if u don't get the expression.. well..
should i write a will?

i made the banner!! yaaaaay!! all the way from scratch!!! XDDD
**self-happiness - can be ignored.