Saturday, February 12, 2011

this list of foods..

From now on, this is what i have to eat... everyday. huh.. 

1. Whole Eggs.  The yolk contains most nutrients.
2. Berries. Mix with oatmeal.
3. Fish oil supplement. ewwwwwwwwwww
4. Yogurt.  Plain yogurt. Eat it with berries.
kid, whoever you r, thnks ffr ptting tht expression fr me.
5. Mixed nuts. Anything works: almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts. Peanuts? Groundnuts? Going nuts?
6. Red Meat. barbecue?? :D
7. Broccoli. yuck
8. Spinach. super yuck
9. Oats. erggg.. y? i still have teeth.
some random pic i found to 'encourage' me.
10. Tomatoes. eurgh. at least most pizza topping is tomato-filled, i guess.
11. Oranges. no juices. wth.
12. Apples. 
13. Carrots. [16-17; fruits galore. yay.....=-=]
14. Water. DUH!
lol. i love the saying.
15. Green Tea.  In the morning instead of coffee. at least this is my favorite.

lastly.... [cue broken radio music, animation fireworks]
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy........... =-=
Putting it All Together. Eat proteins, veggies, fruits & fats every 3 hours. 2 cups water with each meal. Junk food 10% of the time.

my closing line;
this is ridiculous.
but for the sake of my own 'humanity', i have to.
why? just WHY?