Tuesday, March 1, 2011

check it off my wishlist~

this is kinda late bt oh well, i'm checking off bb's comeback from my pending 2-year wishlist of them. yayyyy~~
[n a new earphone :)]

Btw, here’s th trcklist;
01. Intro (Thank You & You)
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, Choice 37
Arrangement: Choice 37

02. Hands Up (Jap remake)
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, E. Knock
Arrangement: E. Knock
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P

**03. Tonight (Title Track)
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, E.Knock
Arrangement: Choi Pil Gang

04. Somebody to Love (Jap remake)
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, Ham Seung Chun, Kang Ook Gin
Arrangement: Ham Seung Chun, Kang Ook Gin
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P

05. What is Right
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, D.J Murf, Peejay
Arrangement: D.J Murf, Peejay
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P

06. Cafe
Lyrics: G-Dragon
Composed by: G-Dragon, D.J Murf, Peejay
Arrangement: D.J Murf, Peejay
Additional Rap written by: T.O.P


Wow~ Gd did write th whole album. :DD

i won't b wrtg much, i'm jst shring hw bb cn evn mke a non-vip hppy :) weeeee~~

bt a whole lot, i still like their prvious songs. th album knda.. idk, lost its spark? mybe coz th mmbers been away frm each othr too long?? bt still, thy don't disappoint with how much effort thy put into ths :DD well, u cn't impress evryone bt i'm loving thm mor n mor :DDDD

evn if thy chnge, it's all in th listeners opinion n vip's loyalty :) nt me only. [cue: booo me!]
n it's all good tht thy stick to their guns.
at exactly 8:16 am~ lol fail at editing bt thy'r on fire <3
their tittle song 'Tonight' is much like 'Lies' before. it has a strong electronic sound bt combining it with acoustic backgrounds [this style is called digitalog :DD], give it a calmer attitude towards the overall song.
G-Dragon apparently said "I think 'Tonight' can become a song that best-represents Big Bang, much like 'Lies' did in the past." "The members are able to fully express themselves through each of their parts and their different styles slowly raise the whole feel of the song". [yay to gd!]
in other, the Big Bang members put together their five colorful characters into this one awwesome song. But the most cool part of "Tonight" comes at the end when the excitement slows down and the calm acoustic sound jumps in. It's emotional yet elegant also calm and simple. Which is right after GD's signature 'aauuuuu~~' <3333333

All this happens in a mere 3 minutes and 40 seconds of ur life bebeh! :DD It doesn't force you to listen. But evry moment of the song is th highlight. "Tonight" will give the listener th best night.. tonight.. every night! :)

enjoy listening to the song~ :D
[song called tonight bt most mv filming at day.. hha.]
n T.O.P wishing us all a very good night (& kiss~)! i'm soo having a beautiful nightmare. ;p
well, big bang is back.
peace n out!
oh, n happy 1st of march~
anthr month hs passd. where will my future take me? :/


big bang releases the official one :DD
r thy still in th states? i wnna hunt thm down ;p