Thursday, April 14, 2011

arts & craft; boredom version.

Was watching spongebob (A Life In A Day episode), a rerun.

got bored. turns on nintendo but no interesting game to play.
then, turn on flipnote. and draw..
my fave spongebob character. :)
got the wrong spelling for STAR sry.. i faild.
cr: spongegifs@TL
omg. lol n he's so cuteee~ >3<
dun care if he's stupid or whatever.
that's what cartoons are for; entertainment.

also drew..
i'm sorry i drew a retarded spongebob.. -_-''
he creeps me out too.
but i tried so many few times n it still failed. ouch. so.. duh! >3<

and lastly,
i've been drawing alot of him, so, i gss, last night was not an exception. huh.

that's SUPPOSE to be Lee Joon of MBLAQ, btw.
sry for the bad drawing..

이준씨 러불리, 이준씨 원더풀~
[lee joon-ssi lovely, lee joon-ssi wonderful~]

their song is still stuck in my head. oh.
u'll get this if u watch KBS's 100 points over 100. or in KBS World's Oh My School.

fyi, the tune is the same as Stevie Wonder's Isn't She Lovely. o.0
one of the best singers of all the time btw :))

oh n yes, the shirt says A+