Monday, April 18, 2011

first attempt in 'Italian' + the interview.

cr: smosh
been too busy nowadays.. -_-'

i'm the person that cooks whenever i've feel like it or if there's sumthng in my mind tht i wnna get it off.
and mind you, i'm not a really good cook tho.
if ppl cud cook based on their instincts [they can just put whatever and it still is good] i have to follow the recipe from a to z. like how many flour shud i put in and then i won't put it more or less and if i dun have the ingredient, i wud leave and wait till i have the ingredient.

but, i tried. and the taste.. well, it's all based on your tongue to tell it..
actually, i made these few days back.

the first one is alfredo pasta and the second one is mac & cheese.
no, i dunno y the color's like that.
it lukd.. errrr.. unpresentable but the taste [as my sister stated] 'bolelaaaaa~'

so, i din't faild! XD
[othr than spelling didn't - bah! too lazy to retype]

just a candid. one of my fave drinks! ^^
+ interview.

yea, i had my interview on sat.
for tesl.
i saw everyone had like a 5-inch to 20-inch file filled and packed with certificates.
they were all the ex-debaters, the person you see every morning in assembly giving out speeches without even been askd too, accents too good to be true, bdak2 lpasan asrama etc.

mine; u can just pinch em and none in the category above.
and since i arrived late [where everyone had already done their written test], i had to finished my writing test under 30mins [the real duration is an hour] so that i can catch up with my oral test.
my handwriting is already bad. even with a 200/200, u can't read em. bliv me.

that is all.

but after that, my ex-classmates of 4ibs had a bbq party at my teacher's house ^^
thanks guys for the happy memories~

cr: fuckyeahkpopmacros@TL
just my reaction exactly.
now, it is really that is all.