Wednesday, April 13, 2011


yes, indonesia. I CAME!
ok.. i dun mean it in r-rated..

me n my fmily went for a weekend shopping spree in INDONESIA! :D
the view from hotel. not really refreshing.. but cute yellow taxis! :)

i dun wanna write much but it is a fun trip!
but since it was only for the weekend, it was very tiring too.
we ad to do everything in 'express'.
we stayed at Mangga Dua - Hotel Ibis btw.
first day; arrived, was feeling rlly tired cuz i went to the mall with mam for some grocery shopping. n aftr tht, we did some cleaning arnd the house n we pack. yes, the late-packers, we are.
and as soon as we touchdown, i already got two souvenirs.
i saw a wonbin ad! <3 and two indonesian mosquito bites.. -_-'' until now, it's still hasn't disappear.

1; lobsters!
2; prawns, crabs, etc.
3; typical minang food :D
4; ur everyday fast chicken :)
what's the first thing u do, wherever u'r going?
EAT! ^^
the food is very enaaaakkk XD
one of my favorite pastime too :DD
in the pics, r jst some tht we eat btw.

so, we did do some.. shopping. but dad keep wanting to go other way from us [men.. -_-'] and he told mum to keep all the money. so.. yea, we spent all of the shopping time looking for him and so we did not have much time to shop.. such shopping trip. -_-''

i feel sorry for our tour guide yang bawa putar-putar tu. huh. dad..

at the end of the day, i  feel like a leg need another operation. so.. tired.

the next day was the higlight i guess.
1; mechanical.. flowers?
2; the entrance
3; some chinese-themed building
4; i thnk th name is dafi.. the mascot? lol. forever alone.
we went to Ancol Dreamland! :)

if u've been to Sentosa Island in Singapore, it is sumwhat the same thing.
thers a beach, water park, amusement park, aquarium, yadayada, u know, that kind of stuff.
1; puppet house. kinda.. boring? hhe. but cute!
2; inside = on the way to see puppets! - yes, a water ride
3; tornadooo!! i ride it alone. no, it was not scary, for me. but TWO dudes cried while on it. so..
ps; can u guess which is me? hhe.
4; 3D simulator theater. not fun. at all.
the theme park is called Dufan, btw. 
btw, from th pic; no 4 to me, is.. a happy-mood-spoiler.
frm th pic u may not see it, cuz i alredy editted it, but it was so dark.
and frigging they put not alot of light to see thru the way, that i fell while trying to put a foot on the stair.
yes, trying, cuz it was so dark.
and i fell on my injured knee. damn it.
it's all bruise and black now T_T n kinda.. hot? oh well.

so, want it or not, i had to take the ride with a throbbing pain right knee and act like nothing's happen.
till i reached home. yes, i act like nothing's happnd till i reached home. TT_TT

nway, bfor we head the plane back home, we even visited the.. i frgot the name.
it was a big aquarium, enuf said.
1; he's feeding the dugong. i think it's a he..
2; dancing eels! can you spot them? hhe. cute~
3; i found nemoS! :D
4; yes, thers a petting place. that unidentified kid is touching the starfish.
i prefer this place rather than the Dofan.
if u'r like me who's rode every roller coaster in the world, u wud think Dofan is.. not that thrilling?
i'm just saying out my opinion after experiencing loads of roller coasters, k.

bt the aquarium is worth going. even my mam said; 'ths is bettr than the ones in Langkawi' XD
1; do they feed fish to the fishes?
2; niiice~
3; two 'lucky' dudes, in a cage, in a shark infested tank. cool!
4; i jst think this is nice. mini sharks! :D
on no.2, if u cn see, ther r two ppl holding a banner in the murky water saying 'Sweet 17 Monica D, We <3 U'.
pretty cool!
bt who's she? bt still, that's really special~
oh, my life.. -_-''

aftr that, we also walk 'express'-ly to the airport and fly home.
good bye indonesia! :D
i do wish to come again and really putar putar & shopshop.

i only bought an outfit fit for a day.. a dress, a bag, a pair of boots, a hoodie, a pair of pants.. if i bought an underwear, it wud've been complete. -_-'

oh, n candid photos i took. click it to see it in its original size :))
1; a dead fish in a restaurant.
2; snapple bottle caps XD
3; took at the aquarium.
4; same as 3. dory? i found nemo. did u?
engrish. corny soup?!!
yes, engrish has taken over the world. woot woot!