Monday, April 4, 2011

walking in wheels - day 1


it's a lil while since i open dis blog n update n stuff.. bt here's alil prsent fr YOU who's reading! :)
ok.. it's kinda big ;p tht shows how happy i am to give this to YOU! :D
lol at this 'ELECTRIC CIGARETTE' dude - 100 points over 100 points show
now, let's write stuff. ok. hummm.. ADD is kicking in. must find..

ok. found it! 

today, me want share me experience about the gtting of the driving license! :)
[ps; for malaysians tht is. idk abt th rest of th world]
before, i went searching arnd ppl's blogs to see if any1 wud give me alil insight on wht driving school is like.
but thers NONE! :((

so, here i wanna share, if u'r jst like me - dunno a thng or two abt this frigging driving school othr thn wtching spngebob fail on evry tests he took.

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i jst went my day 1 ysterday, so, day 2 is myb arnd ths week. i need to study.. :/ damn.

at 7.30am i ws all ready - waitg fr th drivr to took me to th drving school. he ws late tho, tking othr kids first mybe. bt whn he arrived ther ws no one.. oh well.

yes thers a drivr come. if u sign up fr it.

he then stoppd at th gas station while waitg fr anthr student to come, which turns out to be none other than my friend from th 9th grade; ammar! :D

from home, i kept listening to songs to lessen my nevousness bt thnk God ther sum1 i know. hhu.
fr his spm, he got 9a1c btw. yes, he's smrter. heh.

btw, th drivr who took us to th driving school, answers his phone while driving. the fuck is that?!

we then arrived at th so-calld driving school. i rlly rlly thot it's gnna b like th ones in spngebob. bt thn, was i expcting boats n mrs. puff teaching too? o.0

th class [i hte my imaginations sumtimes hha] was.. air-conditioned tho [one of those positive things i gss]. it ws no biggr thn my high school's classroom n th seating is sorta like my tuition cntr chairs, wher th table is... linked? connected? [i rlly dunno th word] to the chair. so, bfor heating th chair for th rest 5hours, u bttr do some butt gymnastics, like th ones g-dragon did in yg family research XD -  clickclick to see vid. btw, tht show mde me lost my voice. heh.

oh! n dun frget to bring ur ID card with u. dun b like me, who stupidly forgot. yes, i know we shud bring it wherever we go but.. pheh. altho they'll still let u in bt th process is gnna b longr thn th ones who bring theirs. in order to avoid free talk shows with th receptionist in th reeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal silent class, bring ur ID. i swear i heard sum1 farted while i ws doing th 'talk show'.

lol. sungyeol's epic id picture! XDD
the real baboon~
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they'll give u smart card tht replaces ur ID card fr th whole time ur in th drving school. it's rm20 btw.
n it cn be use later too if u dcided to tke th motor license or whtevr vehicle tht runs on th road.

so, lessons strt blablabla.
th teachr is kinda.. ok altho he braggd alot abt being an english cambridge student, i kept thinking who his teacher was cuz his grammar is way off.

ok, i shudn't talk bad abt me teacher bt i can't help it if he kept saying;
'color have meaning' / 'after class, the book, you give back me' / 'i'm cambridge student' etc.

so whtevr.
i brought my notebook n pens bt didn't even used it. they gave us paper to write nway.

it's 5hrs in requirement time [the fuck i'm tlking abt?] so, whether u like it or not, it's 5hrs.
this is prbbly wht my brain is doing at tht time.
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of cors thers rest times. by times, i mean two times. n let all of ur waste products out befor going too. u gnna regret the toilets. experience from someone who's; been there done that.

also, if u like clean food, bring ur own food. tht is all. i dunno how cn they eat all tht, man.. lckily they sell those packed-breads.

it ws pretty much, like all 'educational' talks are, boring. so, bring ur mp3 / ipod n fill ur iphones / blackberrys with alot of apps n download loads of games for ur mobiles.

or bring ur psp like th kid in class.

now i know why beast were all.. not concentrating [in idol maid] while at the talk.

except for mr. yang tho XD

really wish i wud sleep at tht time cuz as i reached i went straight to a 5hour coma. evrything learnd is gone. aftr dinnr, i went staright to a 8 hour coma [aftr filling meself with real school :DD]

bt i ws jam-packed-sandwiched with a 3-kid lady and a BIG adult man :/ so, imagine a human burger with a thin meat.

n i think i ws th youngest one in class.. again? even in school.. tsk! lol. i matured late, still can watch teletubbies xp n u can't!

mentioning teletubbies, i found this sumwher.. sry, frgot wher :((
this shows tht u'r not too old to wtch teletubbies! XD my fave kid show when i ws well, a kid. my fave ws th purple one; tinky winky! XD my po n t.winky doll is lost tho ;(

that is all! day 2 is still to come! :)

i dunno abt urs [prbbly much bttr] bt this is mine. kinda crappy :/ just suck it up for the future i gss.