Thursday, April 14, 2011

k-pop meme - day 3

When was the last time you discovered a new band?
cr: fyeahzico@TL
it's BLOCK B everybady! :DDD
sooo can't wait for their debut today on M! Countdown~ >3<

still waiting for.. A Pink, X-5, Boyfriend, 20star, After School Boys n sm's M1(?). oh, n the yg's kwon brothers. till when are u going to keep me waiting?! T_T

Do you prefer bands or solo artistes?
cr: as tagged.
lol always a farmer at heart.
cuz working as one is much harder.. altho they'll get the fame easiest.
n makes me wanna support more. ;)
but ther r certain solos that i like too; Se7en, G.Na, K.Will, Jay Park, Kim BumSoo, Brian Joo, IU.

Do you like multiple bands or one band only?
multiple! :D
k-pop is a genre, so, why not just give everything a chance?
cr: kpopgifs@TL
poor youngwon ;(
but ther r certain band that I really love n love. i like none of em ;p

Which idol do you think would make a good guest on a variety show?
uuhhh.. let's see. idols, eh. too many to list but here's some.
cr: jongbummie@TL
those some JOLIE lips 0.o
lol at the expression tho.
kikwang; for looks, i really don't fall but i really LOVE his humor. XD
if i don't get a 6-pack like him after laughing so hard at his jokes, i'm gonna hunt him down. -o-'
cr: hyeena@LJ
lol the buddha walk XD
lee joon; sriously. how old is he and how old is his brain?
but, lolz, his stupidity is a great asset for variety shows.
i never get bored of him tho XD
cr: ahhh! i forgot where i got this ;(( sry.
brian joo; i'm sorry jo kwon. u ain't got nothing on him! XD
yes, diva, ALL UP TO THAT!
cr: photobucket.
what's that bouncing thing?
daesung; please stop. you always make me gasping for air, just by looking at you. 

till next time!!
wanto go sleep.
cr: kpopgifs@TL
yea. like woohyun said 'GOODBYE~'
i feel like i lose something today.. hm.