Tuesday, April 12, 2011

k-pop meme - day 1

so, just for fun (& my love for k-pop XD) instead of doing questionnaires abt them, i'll just compile some questions n post it, if possible, everyday. bt i thnk i'll be doing only specific bands in th qustionnaire.
it'll be 3 - 4 questions a day - plus, beware, you're already in for it anyway, macros & gifs! :)

let's seeeeeeeeeeee~

Who was the first person in the kpop industry to capture your interest?
cr: fuckyeahsmmacros.tumblr.com
yes peeps. it's bling bling jonghyun! XD [lol at the macro. i just had to use this]
probbly bcoz of his hair in ring ding dong.. it's so eye-catchy! :D
n i love how he can hold the notes so long XD esp in juliette n lucifer :)

he captured my interest, doesn't mean he's gotta be my bias XD

Was Super Junior, by any chance, one of the first kpop bands you heard of?
cr: photobucket snatched.
not really.. [bt they were one of the group that was on my i-had-to-get-to-know-them-more list] it was big bang! :D my fren forced me to watch their haru haru mv on someone's psp.
i wasn't rlly paying attention then [a big fan of f.o.b :)], even tho i nearly memorized the lyrics from hearing it again n again.. n i like the beat. but i was all about rock stuff those days. y..

cr: itsallabouthehottkpopboyz.tumblr.com
bt taebae is hot! XD

What was the last korean song you listened to?
YT screenshot today! @ 9.51am
too bad gd, i LOVE this love song! <333
this really made my morning :))
can't wait for the real mv!! XDD

Do you like actors who try to sing as well?
hmmm..?? why 'try'?
sure. it shows that they're multi-talented, right?
like seunggi, geun suk..etc.

but my fave gotta be..
cr: itsallaboutthehottkpopboyz.tumblr.com
soohyun from dream high! <3 i love DREAMING!

taaaaa~ tomoro is next! XD hyunseung's waving for me <3
gosh those sexy eyes.. *jizzzzzed XD
cr: itsallaboutthehottkpopboyz.tumblr.com
btw, to my new follower, THANK YOU for following!!!!!!
it's been a while since i see a number rise on my follower's list.. ;(