Wednesday, April 13, 2011

k-pop meme - day 2

Which company do the majority of your favorite bands come from?

i know sm sports the greatest idols of all time but i gotta say..
cr: fuckyeahkpopmacros@tumblr
totally. IN THE CUBE!
their idol are talented. well, i mean, all idols are talented. but i like how cube can represent the color of each their idols even if they have to work in a group.
especially they know how to get the best out in her.
n yes, i know they'r the sister company of jyp. but hey, SISTER company. they are not run by the same people.
oh! n also yg! :D
he's creating artist not idols. that's alot of respect from me. XD since k-pop is a genre of music :DD

Would you ever stalk your favorite band?
cr: itsallabouthehottkpopboyz@tumblr
No. i will not. i am not a creepy person.
i have alot of dignity and pride in me to not do that.
no one like stalkers cuz every human has their own lives.
but if i see them in the streets or sumthing, of cors i wud greet them n take pics or sumthng.
but, no, i wud never stalk. i am a sane person.
i don't want a restraining order issued from my fave idols.
cr: photobucket snatched.
When do you get extremely fangirly?
alot of things actually.
from this..
cr: itsallabouthehottkpopboyz@tumblr
 to this..
cr: joonwhore-@tumblr
and this..
cr: itsallaboutthehottkpopboyz@tumblr

lulz. i still love the smell. never gets old XD
major trap right there :D
Do your biases change frequently, or do you stay loyal?
i don't have a bias or biases.
but i do have someone that stands out to me from every group. ;)
cuz i like them when they are in their group. they feel.. one XD
cr: photobucket snatched.
this stands out too much tho.
nice editing to whoever made this ;)
lol. i still remember the AKP interview. >.<
it was all perfect till kevin said he was.. 'attractive'.
and i started to see him.. differently. hhe.