Tuesday, March 22, 2011

questionnaire pt. 7; itunes! :D

again, i found this across the web. all credits to rightful owner! :)
ps; i'm a k-popper!! 

Is all your music organized?
yep! by albums.

In order by ARTIST (a to z): Which is first?
AJ :)

In order by ARTIST (a to z): Which is last?
it's nt alphbet; 8eight. 0.o

How many songs do you have on your computer?
1610 ;( some of em r missing

How much room does your music take up on your computer?

How long (hours, minutes, etc.) is your music, altogether?

In oder by TITLE (a to z): Which is first?:

In order by TITLE (a to z): Which is last?
∞ XD go infiniteeeeee~

What are you listening to right now?
big bang - so beautiful

Which band's music do you have the most of?
big bang!

Put your music on RANDOM. What's comes up for the next ten songs?
01. high high
02. before 10 heartbeats
03. introducing san-e!
04. sunny
05. rainy days (unplugged english)
06. jumping
07. shining star
08. baby i like you like that
09. with u
10. can u smile (remake)

In order by LENGTH/TIME (shortest to longest): Which comes first?:
ukiss's intro from first album - 0.20

In order by LENGTH/TIME (longest to shortest):
jyj's untittled song part.1. this mkes me cry a waterfall. i wnt part. 2!

cr: fuckyeahkpopmacros.tumblr.com

List off your top 25 most played songs? 

ps; my itunes n mp3 r 2 sparate thngs.
01. bad girl
02. supa luv
03. nothing's over >3<
04. breath
05. cry
06. hoot - i find it hard to believe too
07. stay
08. btd
09. wedding dress
10. i love you till it snows is summer
11. beautiful
12. tonight
13. what should i do
14. hysterie
15. i like you the best
16. good day
17. aing~
18. you are the best in my life
19. be my girl
20. why (keep your head down)
21. shy boy
22. how dare you
23. you
24. shut up
25. jumping

Do people think you have good taste in music?
don't care.

Song of the moment?
angel <3

What band are you listening to, currently?
teeeeeeen top!

How many songs do you have?
wasn't this askd befor?

Put the bands in alphabetical order - list the first 10 bands from the top:
01. aj
02. beast - lol.
03. big bang
04. boa
05. brave brothers
06. brown eyed girls
07. c.n. blue
08. dnt
09. f.cuz
10. ft island

And from the bottom:
01. 8eight
02. 4minute
03. 2pm
04. 2ne1
05. 2am
06. hangeng
07. choshinsei / supernova
08. tohoshinki / dbsk
09. shoujo jidai / snsd
10. kangta - it ws in chinese chrcter

So, what are you listening to right now?
ze:a - all day long

How many genres do you have?
k k k k k k  clear?

Which one dominates your music collection?

Do you even rate your songs?

Is your itunes (or whatever) nice and pretty, with everything filled in and album art displayed?

Do you make playlists often?
not rlly

If so, tell me the playlists you have right now and what's in them:
i said no.

What's your top listened to song?
check the top 25

Do you have songs you haven't even listened to?
kinda.. cnblue's new album i hven't finish listening yet

What's the last song, or songs, you added to your library?
cnblue's first step album

What are you listening to now?
secret - i want you back

How many songs do you have by this artist?

How did you acquire all this music anyways?
buy, duh!

What artist do you have the most songs/albums from?
isn't this asked befor??!
cr: fuckyeahkpopmacros.ctumblr.com

Search for these and see how many songs come up -
Peace: 0 lol i'm sry world peace
Love: 94 / 47 in kor.
Earth: 0
Death: 0
God: 1
Sun: 18 / 17 in kor.
Moon: 1.
Bird: 1 in kor.
Little: 0
Big: 94

Put it on shuffle, and write the first 5 songs that come up:

01. no dance, no life
02. falling
03. magic
04. tell me your love
05. song for the first time lovers (banmal song)

What is your favourite song out of those?
no 4. but no 5 is nice too. yongseo.. ;(

Favourite artist [out of those]?
hmmm.. no 5, cnblue, mybe?

Do you ever go through your collection and do some 'spring cleaning'?

Do you like acoustic songs?
i'm cool

i say it once, i say it again.

cr: omgkpopmacros.tumblr.com