Monday, March 28, 2011

k-pop ideal. [world cup type]

k-pop ideal - male

ok. so i was bored as always and randomly typing things on google search engine.
i remembered on u-kiss's vampire kiss and many other various variety shows where they do this ideal type world cup style thngy.

so, i found th site [click the link above] and i tried th normal one n i got leeteuk [frgot to print screen :/ so enjoy ths macro]
photobucket snatched.

n do th hrd one [nthng hrd rlly, thy jst giv u 5secs to decide] n got...

shocking! XD
in the end it ws suju vs big bang [taeyang]. bt i keep gtting rsults tht vs the sme group
[eg; daesung vs seungri / yesung vs leeteuk / kibum vs alexander - shocker!]

i jst hope to gt leeteuk again tho bt y does it hve to b kyu vs th beautiful leader?!! hhe.
nvm, i like kyu fr his voice. extra points fr tht.

most saddest part.. it's rather old. y no beast / infinite?!! ;(

btw, thers female vers too. i tried it for fun.

the pictures kinda sucks.. n in th end it was 2ne1 cl vs  kara gyuri.
n i chose;
i'm sry cl! :S
gyuri's beauty mkes me teary.. tsk3.

n jessica vs taeyeon too :( hhu.

to those who doesn't undrstnd; jst click go or gogo in th fmale vers.
evn if u dunno who, jst choose based on looks XD

thnk u reading th most boring story of my life! :)