Saturday, March 26, 2011

questionnaire pt 8; fun on k-pop! :o

someone send me this, thnk u!
n this is th first time sum1 evr send sumthng to me to b post here. hhu.
*grateful tears are overflowing, millions of derp faces are posing*
not tht i hve mny followers but..
whoever u are (cuz u don't leave any info..),
THANK YOU! here's for uuuu~
now, to answer.

Favorite K-pop band(s)?
So BEAST~, infinitely infinite and 2ne1! XD

Favorite K-pop idol(s)?
hmm.. i gotta say i like all.. until i found a fave to biased. hhe ;D bt i do have favorites from evry group..
Favorite song(s)?
alot!! and my faves chnges all th time. so, i can't say one that i really like but if u refer to nmber 1, i listen mostly to them!! :)

New 2010 group you think has the potential to go really far?
2010? boys group; infinite, dalmatian, ze:a, teen top.
for girls group; i got my eyes on girls day cuz of their 'shine shine' song and sistar

Dance from an MV you're dying to learn?
for now, infinite's nothing's over!!! XDDDDDD bt i hven't evn fnished btd yet eithr.. 

Any interesting K-pop experiences?
i am such a sad sad person. unlucky too ;p 

How did you get into K-pop to begin with?
an incident that i really want to forget, that had scarred me in the heart for as long as i live.. had bring me to k-pop. lol yes tht dramatic. hha, yes that did happen and k-pop healed me!! in a way.. n in a way i feel like 'indebted' to k-pop. :)

If you saw a band that you loved randomly one day, how would you react?
idk. stunned? i am a calm person, u know. hhe. 

If you were walking home one day, and happen to hear you favorite K-pop song playing from a nearby shopping centre, what would you do?
if i know th dance, well, be sure to come and watch me embarass myself, LIVE from the front seat!! XD or i would sing it if no one's arnd. :D 

If you got a surprise visit from your favorite group, telling you that they would give you FREE tickets to their new concert, if you spent a whole night in an old abandoned mansion all by yourself, on a high mountain somewhere with only a sleeping bag and a packet of marshmallows (xD), AND the place was haunted, would you do it? And if so, how would you survive the night?
- if this is a variety reality show.. and i got paid 1mil bux.. and if they let me live in their dorm forever..!!! no. 

If you were getting someone into K-pop, and could choose three songs for them to listen to, what songs would they be?
this is hard.. big bang - lies / tonight & 2ne1 - go away. i'm lstening to thm now.. so.. 

What would be your ideal way of meeting your favorite group?
if i can call them 'sunbaenim~'..

Least favorite K-pop group?
uhh.. gp basic? i'm sorry bt it's true. 

Why is it that you like K-pop exactly?
eng songs got kinda too 'dirty' for me, too much scandals n drma! th way k-pop stars work hard for evrythng from th vocals, to th dncing n sync-ness makes me wnt to spport thm mor! :)
Any wisdom you'd like to part onto the people who are new to K-pop?
if bieber has a fever, k-pop has the medicine! XD lol. not funny bt idk wht else to say [epic fail]

On a scale of one to ten, how do you think K-pop has taken over your life?
2pm even sang it fr me right now.. lol. 10 points over 10! 

Last words?
taaa~ thnx again!!