Monday, March 21, 2011


good morning!
yep. this is th view i had in th mrning whn i woke up.
hven't been updating my blog, i'm off to melaka!
my cuzin frm sabah evn stayd with us. some family time! :)

n i won't write much either bt i tell u, i did ate alot! nyum nyum! XD

idk y bt myb coz of th mor chinese influence in malacca, i ate alot of steamed food.

from left, top; a family styled steamboat from johnny's. top, right; pineapple fried rice, also johnny's [ps; i hve an allergy towards pineapple. i fail..]
left, bottom; single steamboat frm a rstaurnt i frgot wht name. i cn't eat all tht tho!! [n i secretly pray fr a tummy like shindong to fit all of it. lol] bottom, right; avocado caffe [i love!] from no, no pics of th donuts tho.

well, being th historical city, wher else to go? [i secretly wnted to thm to build a theme park bt global warming is in process, so let's cancel tht imagination] museum!

look and stare. who freaked out first, loses.

remember how malacca was formed? i like this tho~

a real tall statue of the dude who made msia friends with china.
like i said, i'm nt much af a writer bt u knw where i've been.
3 - 4 km away thers a shopping mall.
yayyy! with the end of season sale, my parents keep bringing out their cards to th cashier. lol.
thanks mam n dad fr th shopping! hhe.

aftr tht, we lose like 4kg cuz of th heat n th wlking. aduh. yes, we walk all th way frm a museum to anothr.

well, we had fun tho. smpai rmah, trus gi mid val fr anthr shpping XD
th things i bought is sumwht a minimum amount fr a regular shopaholic anyway.

4 shirts, 1 tank top, 1 shorts, 1 purse, a pair of socks, a japanese festival fan(?)

so, wher u've been fr th holidays :)