Monday, March 21, 2011

some sneaky peekey. -welcome to the dark but PINK world-

yes ppl! this is my bed..

n yes, i sleep on a single bed cuz th house i live in does not hve a space tht spports a double bed :(
n yes, the bed is messy cuz i jst woke up. XD
u cn't expct a fresh look rite aftr u woke up, duh! xp

if u'r wndering why PINK, well, bcoz th bed covers r my sis's. all of mine been used as th guest room's bed covers. n th pillow case is mam's present. :/ jst whn i thot she knows me. lol.

evry night, i slept with two teddies! well, only one of em is a teddy [named; joe, bought in thailand] n th othr is a raccoon [u guessd it, th nme is raccoonee xp , birthday present when i was 9. now, i hardly gt presents. huh..]

n all of my posters were pull down.. sobs* so, i chnge it to uno cards n a 2001 (i thnk..) family photo [wher i am still 'young'-looking n evry1 is pretty much alive]. it's fail decorating bt i'm still onto it tho.

those 4 minions is actually 3headfons (1 busted tho) n 1 earfon.

those bolsters r so full secrets too. underneath, well, ther's stuff. xp cn't tell u wht. hehehehhehhe.

eye mask is fr aftrnon naps normally bt i rlly dun hve a hrd time sleepng in th light. i dunno how it got ther when i clearly hid it undr th bolster. i woke up n found it tangled to my hand. uhhh.

oh, n beast pillows! XD yes, it's frm their bad girls days. th shop selling it only hve two left in stock. tht or their days in shock. i decided n wht's btter than frm their bad girl's days. if it's not fr th debut, hw cn i fell in love with them? hhe. bt it's rlly not comfortable whn i had to change clothes tho. n when i woke up suddenly in th night with their manly faces in front of me.


bet th ones who'r reading has btter room thn mine..
but, taaaa~

btw, whoever goes to ss3, imma hate u fr th rest of my life. lol. jk bt i still will do. hhu.
my dream of seeing evil kyu in action n to take derp pics of siwon... gone.. tsk3.

but this pic i like, ss3 in singapore.
i can't stop lol-ing!!