Wednesday, March 16, 2011

gym day?

well, it's been like nearly a year and a half since i went to the gym.
with the crazy pressure of school and stuff, i don't rlly hve much time fr myself :(
bt thnk God, my weight stayed static the whole year.
n my knee injury held me bck frm my usual exrcise routine.
bt aftr tht, doc sruh lgi ak gi exrcise gak. aduuuh.

btw, what's ur lowest weight ever in sec school? mine wud be 25kg / 55lbs when i was 13.
now my weigh never touches 40kg :D
sum ppl how cn i weight tht much when i'm a lidi.
well, i went to the gym n TRY (may i say.. it kinda fail?) to build muscle.

since mam's workplace has a gym bhind it, so, i dcided to go ther.
i used to travel alot so usually i hit the hotel's gym, etc. n we hve our own treadmill at home. bt i miss going to th gym n now i'm not closer to go anywer, might as well settled fr ap yg ade.

aftr dropping sis at th mall, i strut 'confidently' to the gym.
as i open th door, suddenly, a whole bunch of muscly men smell literally blasted me in th face.
ws it th aircond or th sweaty smell surrounding.. idk.
5 buff men stopped n were looking at me with a pain expression on their faces, a soaking towel on their necks, with a big dumbbell on both hands.
i sddenly feel small bt myb bcoz literally i am.

without looking back left right down up, only front, by instinct i went to the treadmill bt in my head i said y did i choose this? i hve my own treadmill at home. baik duk rumh je. tkut pnye psl la kowt..
right ther n then, i wnna sink to th floor n hug my beast pillow [kudos to th pillow tho XD]
bt th prblem ws, th floor ws filled with sweats [ewww], th only empty spce of th floor is in th middle of th gym [ws i trying to do a free show] n i don't bring my beast pillow with me [y th hell wud i bring it??!] n if u wnna see th pillow, no i dun hve a pic of it.

n th weird thing is, while i ws on th treadmill thy we'r all wtching th tv whch ws in front of me.
i thot prbbly thy wud turn on th sports chnnel bt they wer wtching an indon drama.


i ws only wlking at th treadmill fr like, 30 mins? by th time all th buff men already went out n i went to th next exrcise thng. alone.. i ws hppy :)
bru 10min, msuk lgi sorg buff man 0.o  n he ws biggr thn all th 5 yg lpas tu cmbine. i swear my eyes were bigger thn th moon [cm lgu p!atd - nine in th aftrnoon XD]

aftr tht, i don't care if my hour wasn't finishd. i'm total out n trus gi librry, sweat or no sweat.
byk bdak skola lme ak lak tu. bgge sbg snior ak time tu. hhe.
n i read a rlly boring book till it's time to go home.

k, tht's all. i guess i jst sttled fr my treadmill at home. :/
i wnt my pillow!

pictures~ [no mkeup face :o]

the smile i'm smiling isn't rlly th smile frm inside :/
n oh yes, i got my new headfon! :D not rlly wht i wnt [cuz i paid with my own money!].. bt it works jst fine :)