Saturday, March 26, 2011

oh oh oh oh~

most macros here are from my already 10inch-dusting library. so, i forgot where i got them.
i'm sry fr the fail bt all credits go to the creator since all the macros are not mine.
yea. what kyuhyun's doing.

i rlly dunno wht to do right now.
i've been listening to infinite's can u smile again and again n no infinite.. i can't smile :(
[oh, wht coincidence, it's now playing on my itunes XDDDD n th remake vers is too <3]

no not th depressing kind of not smile bt th dunno wht to do, jst leave me th fuck off, faking the smile, cnfused, pissed off kind of not smile.

yea, wht kibum did.
let's just say i hate pre-spm, spm n now, post-spm.
thnk u, jo kwon.

yea, it's fr th fture. bt ythHELL do i only gt to only choose one out of TWO, out of all th opportunities out ther?!?!!
dad: u can only choose between th matriks [only sains hayat, sains fizikal n akaun??!!] or f6[HELL NO go back to school!!].

oh taekyeon.
wht th hell!!
none of em is close to wht i wnna be n wht evr hppend to 'no mtter wht choice u mke, we'll support u'.

do u still thnk th opening job as the 'successfully unemployed' still open?

'oh can u smile'~

i'm using my new macbook pro now. yay!
yes, befor i use macbook too but it ws my dad's.
now, it's my own. out from th factory 2weeks ago. well, tht's wht th seller said. :DD i can only say congrats to myself.. so..
congrats to me~