Wednesday, March 23, 2011

seven should be spell se7en.

[no macros for now. it's gif bebeh!! >3<]
but some stop moving.. DAMN YOUUU!!! Y??? can't b fixd.. ;((

[new update--->] I fixed th gifs. yaaaayyy!!

yes. like th tittle, it's se7en, as in this guy. hot hot! ^0^
congrats to him for celebrating his 8th anniversary as a singer, today!! yayy!
i shud put the pic he posted on twitter shudn't i? well, nah!
and yep, that was the news i saw this morning.

also, today, if u'r a malaysian, it's the day where our spm results kluar.
wait, yay??!!

yea, i ws nervous as hell ths mrning.
bcoz for my upsr rsult, my mam took it.
my pmr rsult ws taken by my fren cuz i ws still on vacation.
so, yea, it's my first time tking an official exam result.

yea, i dun rlly wnna go. ;(( but i have to. dang!
i heard on the news, tht the results gonna be out at 10 o'clock n i arrived at 10.10, hoping tht sum already took theirs n i just come n say 'hey, how r u?'
unfortunately, luck is not on my side. well, never actually. ;(
cuz when i came the teacher just got the results n were counting em in th office.
my nervous as hell just went to heaven when i heard tht and i kinda lose my mind after tht.

lol. dear heechul, did u know tht my cat is also name heechul?
n it's the same breed as your heebum? *evil laugh.
ten minutes later, the teachers came down and was all smiling and all.
i was like daaaaaaaaaammmnnnn.

some teachers went to my friends and say stuff like 'oh, you'r great', 'you'r fine' n th most skit hti one is 'whoa, bnyak a dpt hah!'
but.. y teacher u no layan me??!!!! me is sad to the max!!


da la tgh cuak bole lgi gi ckp kt org SEKELILING ak cmtu, tp ak xpla dilayan -_-''
apala gerangan orang sepertiku di dunia ini.. lol.
long story short, at 10.45am, it's doom time!! [wear ur sunglasses like the secret spies]
by tht time, the saliva i swallowed tastes like puke bcoz.. i swallowed my puke several times.. duh.
evryone rushed to the teachers to take their result and sumhow i cudn't move my legs to the room.
i applaud everyone for their braveness.
so, i stayed behind and when evryone ask 'have u took urs?', i replied 'no, it's ok to b late. it's not like i'm chasing some goats and bulls'.
bt in reality, cold sweats drowned me.
evryone arnd me ws crying n laughing like crazy. i wsh i ws wearing a costume..
cr: kpop_gifs@LJ

or a disguise..

cr: kpop_gifs@LJ
long story short agn.
aftr 30mins, i dcided to enter with a.. really smart friend. i thot it's gnna b easier bt as soon as i reachd the door, i feel like pooping n by playing rock paper scissors, we chose who would go first. as expected, i had no luck and i win. damn. th moment where i wantd to fail..y hand u chose rock...??!!!
n i entred..
teacher said bla bla bla n gve me my reslt bt i didn't even dare look at it. yes, i didn't even look at it.

going out, thers a teacher who's responsible to take the pictures of the students that got 6a's n above.
n she kept asking me if i hd 6a's or not. we had a small fight tho. i said no no i didn't got 6 [no, i still hven't tke a peek at my result yet] n finally i gave her my result and the next thing she said made me go..

note: leeteuk is saying 'what the HELL!!'
'hhuumm.. you got more than 6 here'.

aftr tht.. well, let just say, those with cameras that time, ther shud gt super cool shots of my overflowing expression of derp faces. [come to think of it, it didn't evn cross my mind tht she cud prbbly be lying bt.. she's not]
in gif, this is what my inside was like..
on th outside;
tht's all for my stupid story. hhe.
wht hppen next is tht i hve the sme derp fce for fricking 15mins n yes, the teachr took my pic [to b put on a plaque] while waterfall ws still falling. T_T

here i wud like to thank you evryone; my parents, my other family members that is not my parents, my friends, my teddies, my mp3.. lol, who had support me all the waaaaaaaaaaaaay. with this expression.

i know my dad had already forced me to call evryone and to thank them for their supports..
but i didn't get the chance to say thnk you to all my friends. :(

but still, i THANK YOU all!!! XD
yea, my result wasn't exactly all a's [i took 11 subjects n yet, i hate studying] bt i'm proud of it :D
what done is done anyway.
here some hearts for u guys!! the hug is compulsory~
pick any that you like to take. hhe.
that's all. i wish i have mor hearts to give tho.. :((
now it's time to dance crazeeeeeyyyy!!!! cuz one obstacle is GONE bebeh!!
n ps; next time, i have to learn to cry like this.
n mybe bcoz i saw se7en's article befor going to face the DOOM, cud it b.. a sign? hhe.
yes, i got only 7. :) i am proud. bet u'r smarter XD

ps again; wher's my beast shock japanese album???!!! isn't it suppose to b.. today?!